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May 17

8 things Kiwi businesses need to do to keep their data safe

By Carmen Vicelich, Founder and CEO of Data Insight   This week’s global cyberattack on hundreds of thousands of businesses


Apr 17

Carmen Vicelich: not your standard data geek

Carmen Vicelich: IT Entrepreneur not your standard data geek. Read the full NZ Herald article here


Apr 17

Data Geeks Unite!

Data geeks unite! A round-up of thoughts and top trends from the NZ Marketing Association’s ‘Smarter Data 2017’ conference. by


Apr 17

Big data and marketing: curse or cure?

In this week’s National Business Review, Data Insight’s CEO Carmen Vicelich discusses the fundamental role data plays in customer experience.


Apr 17

Digital You

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” – Data Insight’s CEO, Carmen Vicelich highlights the importance of data transparency


Mar 17

Making Sense of Data: How to get started on your data driven journey

Making sense of data– How to get started on your data-driven journey by Jamie Graham “We are drowning in information,


Mar 17

Your Company Data: Left-brain or Right-brain driven?

Your company data: Left-brain or Right-brain driven? The power of data: how to evolve and compete in the age of


Feb 17

Top Digital Data Trends 2017

Data Insight founder and CEO Carmen Vicelich talks top digital and data trends for 2017 at the Marketing Association first Sunrise Breakfast session


Nov 16

Carmen shares her experience as a leader running her own business

At an event recently held for The Icehouse turning 15, Data Insight’s CEO, Carmen Vicelich, was a guest speaker. The


Nov 16

Speaking in Australia on optimising your Lending Decisions

Data Insight’s CEO, Carmen Vicelich spoke recently at the ARCA (Australian Retail Credit Association) National Conference in Adelaide, South Australia.


Oct 16

From corporate office to award-winning startup – in just 4 years

Our CEO & Founder, Carmen Vicelich, recently shared her entrepreneurial journey and her vision of disrupting the business world of


Feb 15

The Art of Data

Give any two data analysts the same sample and – in theory – they should derive the same insights. But