Actions, not just analytics

As a business you probably already have spreadsheets, pivot tables and projections. We understand that what you need is commercially relevant advice you can action.

Align the outputs you get from your data to your strategic imperatives.

Have your most complex needs catered for, by letting us deal with the details of the data.

Rely on our expertise across industries and track record of results.

Gain insight and oversight with dashboards and advanced analysis, visualisations and predictions.

We make it all simple so it’s ready to be shared, understood and actioned.

In short: what we can do gets fairly complex. And while we could go on to explain it in depth, we know you don’t always have time to deal with the details. So first we make it simple and ensure your data doesn’t become a drain on your most irreplaceable resource – time.

At Data Insight we believe it’s up to us to interpret the data. With our experienced team of data analysts and insight experts, we will present the analysis in a way that provides you with answers, rather than leaving you with questions.

But we don’t stop there. Because we take the time to understand your objectives and opportunities, we deliver the insights that make a difference. If you want better conversion from external communications or more cost-effective internal processes, we’ll dig into the data to reveal where the extra savings can be made.

Make smarter business decisions inspired by insight.

Customer database

eg. Case Study: Stephen and Charlotte

property data
demographic data
data sharing
life stage and
distilled data
the insight

eg. Stephen and Charlotte are likely to downsize from their now empty family home within the next 12 months.

Data Insight maintains multiple data categories and variables. This allows you to access data specific to your goals. We can source, match and update data in relation to strategic requirements.

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