The Power of Data

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Carmen Vicelich

Our award-winning founder and CEO has almost two decades of experience in creating solutions with technology and data that solve customer problems.

Her unique ability to join the dots between disparate data-sets and leverage technology has seen her deliver incredible value and award winning innovation across a number of industries, many times over.

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We combine creativity, business experience and scientific thinking.

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We believe data should be at the heart of every business.

Let’s expand your imagination through data.

 Your gut is great, but data is better.

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Grow your business on a solid foundation with the right data, implemented in the right way. Don’t waste your time with ineffective data strategy. Working with us you get so much more than efficient and effective ways of delivering data. We take you on a journey that puts your data to work in a roadmap to the most powerful outcomes possible.

We read between the lines to bring you the most creative solutions to expanding your business, your customers, and your market. Grow faster with relevant, actionable analytics. Serve your customers with precision. Deliver your most desired results with incredible efficiency.

With powerful, creative data driven strategy, it’s much easier than you think.


Uncover the insights that hold the greatest potential to take your business to the next level. Organise your decision-making based on powerful and relevant data that can dramatically shift the way you do business.

  • Get to know your customers like never before so that you can serve them better.

  • Enrich your data to create opportunities to capitalise on new and existing customers.

  • Leverage new technologies to identify innovative solutions for faster, more powerful growth.

  • Access the strategic, financial and market insights you need to stay ahead of your competition.

Game Plan

Any decision you make that isn’t based on accurate data is risky guesswork. When you integrate insightful data strategy into your game plan, like today’s most successful businesses, you’re building a future that’s geared for success – both now and in future.

  • Grow your capability with the support of our leading team of analysts and data scientists.

  • We tailor industry specific insights targeted at achieving your outcomes with impact.

  • Enjoy the latest agile and mobile solutions with support from cutting-edge technology.

  • Leverage market and consumer insights with ease, power and effect.


Our team has made data strategy into an art. Our customers’ results have proven it time and time again. We believe in the incredible power of creative data to allow for quantum leaps in efficiency, effectiveness and innovation in your business. The impact and outcomes we’ve delivered for our clients speak for themselves.

‘They take you on that journey’: Briscoe Group’s Fiona Stewart on partnering with Data Insight to deliver tangible business results.

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Our Leadership Team

Carmen Vicelich

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Claire Bonham-Holden

General Manager

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Ben Winterbourne

Analytics Director



Alex Wardle

Client Director

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Neil Bryant

Analytics Manager



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Justin Flitter

Chief Marketing Officer

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