Stay one step ahead of customer decisions

It can cost 7x more to attract new customers than retain the ones you have. Marketers are placing significant priority on churn prediction analysis to understand the leading causes of customer dissatisfaction and work across the organisation to improve every customer interaction.

At Data Insight we help organisations get an early warning sign of customers likely to leave so you can act before they do.


The reason behind the reason. Understanding the ‘root-cause’ of customer churn and their journey to dissatisfaction can help you eliminate those pain-points.



Identify ‘who’ is likely to leave before they do by utilising their buyer/usage behavior and external factors to create prediction models your team can act on.


We’ll set you up with a suite of tools to enable and empower your people to be proactive. To know the Next Best Conversation to have with customers predicted to churn.

From dashboards and visualisation tools to a Contact Framework and success metrics you’ll know exactly how well your program and people are performing.

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