Insights are our DNA

At Data Insight, actionable insights is in our DNA. We don’t just turn data into information, we thrive on understanding the ‘So what?’. What does that insight mean for your business, how much is it worth and what can you do about it.

Every company has lots of data and information and this is only increasing over time as we collect more of it. However, all this has no value on its own. The key to unlocking it’s value is by uncovering insights, understanding what it means for your business and acting on them. This doesn’t mean building a dashboard or report and hoping that someone can find what they were looking for.

Discovery Workshop

We find the opportunities within your data, size them up and provide you with key actions. Our Data and Business Analysts are experts at understanding business problems and seeing through the data to help you plan the way forward.

Sales Funnel Analysis

We’ll help you understand how customers move through your sales funnel to conversion and where they fall out. We can help you identify Churn-triggers and the reasons behind unsatisfactory customer experiences.

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