Know your customers, inside-out

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses need to under who their most valuable and loyal customers are and how they behave. Without knowing this information, how are you going to become customer centric.

Segmentation and profiling can help a company:

  • Focus on the most profitable and loyal customers

  • Create targeted marketing communications that will resonate

  • Identify opportunities to up-sell and cross sell

  • Help improve product mix and tailor products to customer needs

  • Understand who to target in acquisition campaigns

  • Monitor the health of your business


Engagement can often be used as a measure of a health brand. Passionate and engaged customers are less likely to churn and more likely to recommend a brand to family and friends.


Price Elasticity

If your customers, or a segment of them are price sensitive we can help you develop a strategy to put the most compelling and high-converting offer in front of them.

Customer DNA

What makes your customers ‘tick’, what are the factors or influences that increase engagement. These customer profiles can be used as a segments, of one, neighborhoods, interest groups, transaction patterns, life-stage or demographics to enable relevant targeting.

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