Supercharge your data strategy

By Carmen Vicelich, Data Insight CEO

We’re now living in the age of the customer. Consumers no longer compare you to companies down the road but to global brands like Uber and Amazon who deliver up seamless experiences every time. They show us they know us and use data to add value to their customers’ lives.

The last five years has seen a real conscious awakening of the power of data and the need to use it to deliver an amazing customer experience every time, in order to compete.

Businesses, regardless of their size, require a detailed level of thinking to understand the contextual relevance and how they can actually deliver on their customer strategy.

To do this, companies need to employ both left-brain and right-brain thinking –  particularly when it comes to data strategy for customer centricity – and look at everything through a different lens in order to compete. It requires a very unique set of skills to understand what problems need solving and to develop actionable solutions in the shorter-term as well as focused longer-term plans.

Here’s our top five questions to ask to help supercharge your data journey:

  1. Data Discovery: What data do you currently have and where is it?

  2. Data Audit: What is the quality of your data? What does it mean and what can be used?

  3. The Roadmap: Where do you want to be? What does success look like?

  4. Knowing where you are today: Where are you on your data journey? What teams, tools, technology and additional data do you need?

  5. Execution is everything: How do you make the complicated simple and deliver quick wins along the way while developing long-term strategic value?

If you want help steering your data strategy in the right direction or you simply want to get started, contact us for a one-on-one discussion about your business needs.

Michael Potts