Understand today, Predict TOMORROW.

Data Insight combines creativity and business experience with scientific thinking to help high growth and enterprise clients leverage the power of data driven insights.


Creating insights that drive data driven decisions.

Every organisation is collecting and creating huge amounts of data. Understanding that data, interrogating data to tell relevant and meaningful stories and making those insights available for everyone is how modern businesses scale at pace.

Data Insight partners with companies to generate value from their data. To empower staff to make Data Driven Decisions in real-time from business insights they trust. Backed by a Data Strategy and Policies to manage data and protect privacy.

Clients work with our Data Analysts to deliver organisational change, to reinvent and innovate, leveraging owned and public data sets to produce business insights that create commercial value.

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Data Insight partners with leading organisations like

 “At AA Smartfuel one of our requirements was to partner with a recognised leader in the data industry and Data Insight is just that. When it comes to data and telling a story through visualising that data, the team at Data Insight delivered on our goals to help drive loyalty and growth.”

/ Scott Fitchett, Managing Director, AA Smartfuel

“Data visualisation was not common practice here. Once we partnered with Data Insight, their team of data viz experts were able to deliver interactive dashboards for the business to take us to data driven decision making in a very short space of time. Great value and return on our investment.”

/ Alex Tran, Group Manager, Commercial Customer and Innovation, Genesis Energy

“When rolling out fibre to New Zealand, we needed to understand how quickly Kiwis would make the switch. Our partners, Data Insight, had the expertise to harness the power of machine learning. This let us predict fibre connections in areas we had not yet launched in. Now we understand our demand, we can ensure we have everything in place to get our customers quality, high-speed internet with no holdups.”

/ Liam Gunson - Head of Market Insights, Chorus

Setting the Foundations with Data Strategy, Audits and Security.

Companies that successfully leverage a Data Strategy scale at pace, harnessing the power of data to unlock new potential.

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A Data Audit can discover valuable data-sets, help you understand their potential and connect disparate data-sets, creating business insights that drive action.

How organisations access and manage data sets is becoming increasingly complex. We provide best practice to promote proactive policies.


Understanding Today with shared insights that promote action

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The art of creating compelling narratives from data promotes creative data exploration and changes the way organisations work with data.

Enabling faster response times to drive faster ROI, data visualisations help make the complex simple.

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Insights answer the ‘so what’, creating meaning and relevance to data that empower data driven decisions and actions that have real business impact.

Customer Centricity requires companies go beyond demographic profiling to create rich segmentation that delivers personalised and relevant digital experiences based on customer intent.


Predicting Tomorrow to be proactive decision makers

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Transform your data-sets into Prediction Engines with Machine Learning Models and insights that empower decision makers to be proactive in a world that’s constantly changing.

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We all know it’s more cost efficient to retain a customer than acquire new. Understanding when a customer is likely to churn is a key driver for proactive data driven decisions that empower staff to make a big impact.

To truly understand your customer is to know exactly what to say, to add value to their experience. To up-sell, cross-sell, invite or even down-sell can build loyalty and their life-time customer value.


What makes Data Insight unique? The unique combination of people, knowledge and technology

Decades of experience

Data and Business Analysts with practical, commercial business nous.

Agnostic tool set

Our expert team can work across different platforms and tool sets.


Work with a Data analyst

Not an Account Manager.

No black box

We partner with you, leaving the knowledge in your hands.

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